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Scorpio Horoscope Monthly October 12222

  1. Scorpio Tarot Monthly Reading, Scorpio Tarot October 12222
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  3. Scorpio Horoscope Monthly, Scorpio Horoscope October 12222
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Neptune remains in your love sector all year, helping you focus on more spiritual, soulful connections in love, and be more understanding and compassionate with your loved ones.

Scorpio Tarot Monthly Reading, Scorpio Tarot October 12222

Mars is in your love sector mid-November to the end of the year, and you can focus more on sharing the love you feel, being there for your loved ones, bringing more love and joy into your life, and having fun. This may be a good time for dating, if single, and if in a relationship, you can work to reignite the flames. Uranus begins to tour your relationship sector mid-May through early November, and you can start to experience shifts in your relationships.

You may see changes with the people in your life, or you may start craving more changes in your relationships. What you want from other people can change, and what you want in a partner may change. Scorpio Career Horoscope.

Astrology on the Web: Month Ahead

Uranus is coming to the end of his time in your work sector this year, staying in this sector until mid-May and coming back for the last round in early November. Mars is in your money sector late January through mid-March, and you can pursue financial opportunities, work to improve your finances and bring more stability and security to your finances, work on budgets and financial plans, and gather financial advice and information.

Jupiter enters your money sector early November, and you get a one year period that can be excellent for pursuing financial opportunities, creating new opportunities, increasing your finances, and setting yourself up well. That may not be the case at the start though with Mercury retrograde in your money sector the second half of November, and you may need to address money situations and financial choices. The August 11th solar eclipse occurs in your career sector, and you can set new goals, feel more ambitious, get attention for achievements, or meet the right people in the right places.

Scorpio Horoscope Monthly, Scorpio Horoscope October 12222

Scorpio Home and Family Horoscope. The February 15th solar eclipse occurs in your home and family sector, and you can plan for more time with your family, focus on new outings and gatherings, and work on improving your relationships with your family or the people you think of as family. Mars enters your home and family secor mid-May, and brings more energy and focus to your home and family life, and is retrograde in this sector late June through mid-August, and you may encounter arguments, have a hard time getting along, or have to deal with old issues with your family.

A lunar eclipse occurs July 27th in this sector during the retrograde, so you can work to let go and resolve problems with family or at home.

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Mars comes back to this sector mid-September to mid-November, and you can work on connecting and being supportive. Neptune is in the sector ruling your children all year, so if you have any, you can continue to be more sacrificing, understanding, and empathic with your children. Mars is in this sector mid-November through the end of the year, and you can spend more time with your children, give them more of your attention, and they can be more energized and enthusiastic.

Scorpio Mental State Horoscope. Pluto and Saturn are in one of the sectors ruling the mind for you all year, keeping your outlook and mood more serious and somber. Mars is in this sector mid-March to mid-May, increasing mental energy and bringing new ideas, but is retrograde in this sector the second half of August, and you can have a hard time with focus, get into fights with others, or are defensive of your ideas and need to be more open. Mars leaves mid-September, and you can refocus on your plans. The July 12th solar eclipse occurs in the other sector ruling the mind, and you can be much more positive and upbeat with this eclipse.

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It scares me that I may be losing another loved one. How my love life will be? I love a guy sincerely at the same time I dnt wanna lose my family I m in great confusion. Please let me know about my studies in detail. Feeling all floaty and light after reading that, thank you, it pretty much sums up how I perceive this month to flow.

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